Frequently Asked Questions

The Business Hall of Fame was initiated in 1993 to recognize the contribution made to business by successful leaders and entrepreneurs. The Business Hall of Fame has become an institution of unmatched significance to the business community of Nova Scotia. Each year, Junior Achievement of Nova Scotia and the Business Hall of Fame honour individuals who inspire our business community and future business leaders with a record of unparalleled lifetime achievement. Laureates exemplify growth, courage, success and leadership.

The Business Hall of Fame is the signature fundraising event and provides much needed funding for the annual operations of JA. All proceeds directly support JA programs for youth in financial literacy, workplace readiness and entrepreneurship.

Laureate candidates are nominated by the public by submitting a nomination form. The nominating deadline is December 1st each year. Laureates are typically announced in late February.

There are two committees involved in the selection of laureates; one is the nominating committee and the other is the judging committee. The nominating committee is responsible for soliciting, researching and short-listing eligible and worthy candidates to be put forward for consideration as laureates. The nominating committee shortlists five potentials annually. The judging committee has the responsibility of choosing the three annual inductees from the shortlist. All submissions to the Hall of Fame and discussions and deliberations which take place are considered confidential.

The nominating committee includes at minimum: a chair, vice chair and three active governors or chairman circle members, a JA achiever or alumni, and the JA president and CEO.

The judging committee includes at minimum: a chair and at least three laureates, plus the chair of the board of governors and the chair of the JA board of directors.

Both committees are accountable to JA; however, it is understood that the committees have autonomy and act as an independent working group.

The committee membership is not confidential, however only the chair of each committee is typically named in association with activities of the committees. Committee members are welcome to maintain their anonymity to avoid direct contact from the public about candidates under review.

As the laureates are put forward as examples for the students who participate in JA, it is expected that those chosen for this honour will be worthy of selection as role models to youth. This is a lifetime achievement award and considers contributions over an entire career. Attributes appropriate to a laureate are outlined on the nomination form. The committees also consider:

  1. Laureates are individuals held in high regard by their colleagues in the community and should demonstrate strong personal and professional ethics.
  2. The overall reputation of JA is considered when selecting a laureate. Selection considers the preservation of the credibility and integrity of JA and the Business Hall of Fame.

Formal Criteria

  1. To be recognized by his or her business or profession as having made an outstanding contribution to the success of the business or profession; or
  2. To have demonstrated in his or her business career entrepreneurial spirit and to have a record of outstanding entrepreneurial achievements; and
  3. To have demonstrated effective leadership, not only within his or her own organization but in the community; and/or
  4. To be considered a role model for future generations of entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as others in business.

A nomination is active for three years. Once expired, the nominating committee may prompt the nominator to submit an update. Posthumous nominations are maintained indefinitely..

A nomination package should include the nomination form, as well as supplemental information such as media clips, community involvement, business highlights and several letters of recommendation from a variety of individuals that can speak to the scope of the candidate’s business and community accomplishments.

Inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (IDEA) are very important values for the Nova Scotia Business Hall of Fame and Legacy Project. The Hall can induct posthumous candidates every year, which may include those overlooked by systemic barriers. Posthumous inductees bring visibility and recognition to neglected contributors to Nova Scotia’s Business History.  The processes and leadership serving the induction of Laureate potentials have prioritized the consideration of more new Canadians, more women, more African Nova Scotians, Acadians, Indigenous peoples, and differently abled individuals, as well as different forms of business and entrepreneurship, such as innovative business models, creative industry, and social purposes businesses.